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Many Beginners Struggle To Learn Coding And To Get Better Consistently...

(This is why...)

The #1 reason beginners struggle to learn to code is because they don’t have access to all the RIGHT course plans and structure to enable deep learning.

And, of the free courses they DO find online, they are trained to copy and paste code instead of learning to read/write code.

People spend long hours trying to figure out why a code from old youtube video does not work...whilst lacking the foundation knowledge to tackle the problem.

This quickly becomes very frustrating and stressful.

Everything You Need In One Place,
RoadMaps, Video Courses, Quizes, Summaries.

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Your Secret Tool For Learining Without Frustration

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In 3 Simple Steps

Learn to design and build frontend


Get FREE Training

This step is a simple one to get you started without any problems, I have created FREE courses to help you test things out for yourself and make sure it is right for you.

You get 2 full courses FREE, in these courses we design a recruitment app called JobPlus and then we go ahead and convert that into fully responsive HTML & CSS website.

In the end you will learn how to take any idea through design and coding very confidently.

Build apps with django framework


Python Projects + More

At the very heart of codehance is the idea to train you to specializing in Python programming language, here you will build web apps using the famous Django framework.

We take the JobPlus site we designed previously and convert that into a full database driven web application, courses have quizes, summaries and intro videos to help you learn better.

You will learn how to code your own web apps, and how to design database tables.

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A single step can be responsible for changing our lives for ever, deciding to take this next step can be the game changer for good in your life.

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STEP #1: Start with FREE Courses

The courses are structrued to start from Design - HTML & CSS - Python - Database Design - Full Django Project.

Once you are logged in you start with the FREE courses, to get a taste of how the course is structured.

The idea is that you are guided all the way through the process to become a fully grounded web application developer.

You will design a job recruitment site prototype and then convert that design into fully responsive web pages using HTML, CSS and Grid System.

STEP #2: Building Python Apps

This section is where you grow in your python skills using the best web framework in the world called "Django"

Learn to code python in your own time, continue were you left off, at a time that suits you.

With quizzes to keep you on top of your learning, and summary notes so you can revise each topic afterwards.

You will convert the job recruitment site into fully functioning web app built with Django framework.

STEP #3: Take Action

To begin with the FREE courses use any one of your favourite social login button to gain instant access.

Once you are logged in you will see a list of courses, click on the course with a badge "START HERE"

It is as simple as that, I look forward to teaching you what I know within the courses.

Here is what others just like you think about the Instructor...

Dayana Alonso

I knew nothing about coding. Kingsley convinced me to take it one day at a time. I dared myself to believe. I am so excited about starting a new Job as a junior developer!

Jenni Essien

Kingsley taught me so much that today I am the lead developer in my company. I am honoured to have been mentored by him. He is very passionate about software development and this shows in the quality and craftsmanship.

Abdullah Aden

I started learning to code with Kingsley whilst I was working full-time, I did not like my job and wanted a change, now I am a software contractor, learning to code is by far the best investment I ever made.

Jordan Luce

With no IT background and within 3 months, Kingsley taught how to create web apps. This has changed my life and allowed me to have a very well paid full-time job.

Symbat Issabayeva

Kingsley is very passionate about teaching, his style of teaching is very unique, I am very grateful to have discovered his courses, this is a life changing skill.

Jimmy Madon

Kingsley has taught me how to writing quality code. He challenged my conventional ways of reading a programming book from cover to cover and taught me to learn smartly instead.

Everything You Need In One Place,
RoadMaps, Video Courses, Quizes, Summaries.

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the Values You Get...

When I started thinking about building these courses, my primary objective was to solve a problem I see junior developers struggling with, so I added these values to make sure that you maximize your learning experience here on CODEHANCE.

Below are some top values I have added to help you learn better.

Step-by-Step RoadMaps

Know where you are at all times, learn topics tailored to your current level as you progress.

High Quality Video Courses

I have taken care to make sure that each video is easy to follow so you can learn at your own speed.

Test Quizes

Quizes are added to help make sure that you understand the key concepts taught in each section.

Full Summaries

At a glance, you will be able to see a summary of what you just learnt in a video, super helpful.

There are many more values fully packed in this course just for you and I cannot wait to walk you through them.

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Your Instructor

Kingsley Ijomah

I have been writing code for over 15 years and my journey in this profession has been a life changer in many ways. My passion is to pass on what I have learnt in all this time to help fast track your learning experience.

As a child with a disability (Polio) I wanted something I could do as a career and I thought "maybe computer programming?" and gosh did I hit the jackpot, it gave me the freedom I was looking for, the financial freedom I thought was impossible.

I started off as a front-end developer building websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript and naturally found myself exploring server-side technologies with PHP (cakePHP) framework and MySQL databases, it didn't take long before I discovered Ruby (Ruby On Rails) framework and my object oriented programming took off on a life of its own.

When I started coding Python (Django) Framework it was my eureka momement! I can build things 10x faster I can take an idea from conception to LIVE in a snap of a finger, the Python community are super helpful, so now my focus is building lasting financial indepence with my skillset.

On these courses I share with you the processes I have used to master programming languages, I remember the difficulties of trying to learn on my own, and time wasting involved, on my Youtube Channel I have taught over 3.5k people coding, on CODEHANCE platform I take it one step further by including bonuses that ensure 100% guarantee that you will leave with a complete life changing skill.

I look forward to teaching you to code, and to change your life for good. Signing up is super simple, click any social button below to gain access.

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