My name is Kingsley Ijomah, I am the founder of CODEHANCE, an online education platform built with you in mind, a place where I express my gratitude to a skill ( coding ) which has changed my life completely.

My Mentors

I still remember vividly when I was introduced to coding by my two mentors when I was at college (Peter and Harvey ), I was hooked from the very start.

The idea of starting with a blank page and from that to have a complete program running, that could be used by millions of people from different corners of the world felt like magic to me and still does.

I created CODEHANCE because I want to give back a skill that was gifted to me, my passion is to share this skill with as many people as possible and to have it change your life for good as it did for me.

Up to date, I have taught over 3,500 students how to code from all over the world and I want to reach more and more people.

15 Years of Professional Coding

With now over 15 years of coding under my belt, most of it working as a software contractor, writing code in various languages, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Javascript and using various frames works from CakePHP, RubyOnRails, Django, React and others.

All the experiences I have gained in my current path as a software engineer is what I share with you on codehance platform so that you can learn this life-changing skill.


Most importantly coding has given me the financial freedom that I never thought possible and even better allowed me the flexibility to pursue a passion in sport as a para-rower in training for the Tokyo Paralympics 2021

If you have never heard about para-rowing, it is an endurance sport, wherein my case I get to do what I thought was impossible, get into a rowing boat and row with just my upper body, a typical race distance is 2km.

Below is a video to help your imagination :)

It doesn’t matter what your background is, or what circumstance you find yourself in right now, if you want something to really dig into and own, I encourage you to carry on with the courses I have outlined here on this platform.

One of my biggest worries as a young boy growing up was how I was going to fit into the society, as a person with a physical disability I wondered what sort of job I could do, how I was going to attain financial freedom and see the world.

Coding did that for me and much more, so here I am sharing that story with anyone who wants to make a change in their situation, if you have the patience to grow in a skillset such a coding, you can earn more, work more flexible times, take advantage of all the benefits tech. industry has to offer.

If this message resonates with you in any way, feel free to get in to with me Drop Me An Email Here

Happy Coding!

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