Why You Need A Pre-Course Survey

Why You Need a Pre-Course Survey or Questionnaire

Last Updated | May, 24, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
One of the easiest mistakes to make is the assumption that you know the reason WHY a student has signed up for a course, a pre-course survey aligns the instructor and student towards the same end goal.


What I want to talk about here is the importance of a survey for both the student and the instructor, I also want to go ahead and talk about how I go about conducting my surveys with Survey Sparrow and why I recommend their service.

Have you ever hoped for a student to take a moment and reflect on WHY they are taking a course, reflect on success strategies before the course begins? and be certain that they understand the study plan requirement ahead of time?

In that case, a survey or questionnaire may be just what you are looking for, below are some of the insight you could gain from such a survey.

Advantages of pre-course survey

  • Gain students prior knowledge on the topic
  • Help students plan and set goals
  • Understand what students want to accomplish
  • Students recall critical information required for the course
  • Help Student reflect on strategies

Survey Sparrow

It is possible to craft a survey with any platform including any ordinary word document, but word document will fall short when it comes to analysing the result of the survey so you can take meaningful action, below are the types of survey's I create with survey sparrow:

  • Classic survey
  • Chat survey
  • NPS survey
  • Offline survey ( use at events )
  • 360 Degree survey

How to create a survey in SurveySparrow?

Understanding Goals

A well executed survey begins with an understanding of the survey's goals and objectives, the objects determine who you will survey and what you will ask them, it is important to have very clear objectives. Example of objectives are:

  • Understand current students level in specific topic
  • Determine how flexible students are towards course requirement timings
  • Determine attitude towards proposed course road-map
  • Understand how different timezones are affected by LIVE workshop set times
  • Understand what drives student loyalty

These are very easy for me to execute through Survey Sparrow, and more importantly measure through their reporting system.


In summary, SurveySparrow is one of the most advanced survey tools out there, making it very easy for me to measure students experiences right from the very start ( induction ) throughout their journey of learning new skills, all from the comfort of one platform.

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