How to be a productive programmer

How to Maximize Your Productivity as a Programmer

Last Updated | Mar, 10, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
Wouldn't it be great if you could learn faster? do more in less time and earn the high productivity badge? in this article, we are going to explore the steps to help you learn to code in less time by following these simple steps.

Time management

This is what it is all about, how effectively can we manage our time, ideally we all want to achieve more in as little time as possible so we can spend our spare time doing the things that make us happy.

Time is our most valuable asset, everyday we exchange our time for money, we exchange time to acquire skills, we use terminology such as "spend some time with me" in reality time equals life! so what we spend our time doing is what we are giving our life to.

So maximising productivity essentially means spending your life doing things that really matter to you, this should be the highest priority in life should it not??? 🤷🏽‍♀️

The Key is Preparations

An under estimated key to maximising productivity is preparations calculate each step you take. This is a quote I absolutely love: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

It means prep makes virtually any task go way smoother, know the possible outcomes of what you are about to learn, have a roadmap of what you plan to learn, each day know exactly how many hours of study or work you have to put in, block those times off so they are free.

Think tools tools tools! what do I need to guarantee maximum productivity.

Art of Consistency

Now people talk about consistency and I use to talk about it a lot myself until I started truly practicing it and then I realised there is an actual art to it that can transform your productivity when it comes to learning anything.

Consistency is not just endless grind to learn to code or master an instrument it is much more than that.

It works like this, first you have to look at where you wish to arrive, your destination ( learn to code, build my own product, land a good paying job ), then you say, what are the daily habits and actions that I need to get me there? then you have to implement those consistently on a daily basis.

Wake up earlier, plan my week, plan my work the night before, track my progress, stick to my plans etc

Consistency when done like this, takes your productivity to a whole new level.

Remove Distractions

To be productive is not to be left to chance, it requires planning ahead, look for possible blockers or distractions and remove them before they get a chance to do what they do best, steal your life away, one minute at a time!

Put your phone on silence and away from you completely if you don't want to be distracted by others, go to quiet places so you can concentrate better, don't watch a movie in whilst trying to learn, dedicate 100% to one action.

Prioritise Actions

This is one that is sometimes ignored or forgotten about, know what is important vs not important, learn what is priority vs not priority, it might seem like a good idea to delete all junk email before you start your work, but is that really high priority?

First I am going to check facebook, twitter and watch a couple of youtube videos before I start on the work I have, these are not high priority and what they end up doing is using up all your focus and energy even before you get started.

Learn to identify what is priority and urgent and do those first, don't leave it to chance, during your planning phase identify these and do them first always, everything else should come last in the priority list.


Ok so that concludes this section of the work and hopefully you can now see how to work more efficiently to maximise your productivity, don't forget the link between life and time and each day plan for high productivity so that your life is a sum of those things that matter to most to you.


My name is Kingsley Ijomah, I am the founder of CODEHANCE, an online education platform built with you in mind, a place where I express my gratitude to a skill ( coding ) which has changed my life completely.

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