Why You Need A Pre-Course Survey

Why You Need a Pre-Course Survey or Questionnaire

Last Updated | May, 24, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
One of the easiest mistakes to make is the assumption that you know the reason WHY a student has signed up for a course, a pre-course survey aligns the instructor and student towards the same end goal. Read More...
How to ask good  questions

How To Ask Good Questions (Rubber Duck Debugging)

Last Updated | Mar, 11, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
Asking questions can be the fastest way to arrive at an answer, but if not asked properly can also be the fastest way to make an enemy with your fellow programmers, now let us look at the anatomy of a bad question and how to avoid them. Read More...
How to be a productive programmer

How to Maximize Your Productivity as a Programmer

Last Updated | Mar, 10, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
Wouldn't it be great if you could learn faster? do more in less time and earn the high productivity badge? in this article, we are going to explore the steps to help you learn to code in less time by following these simple steps. Read More...
How to stay motivated while learning to code

How To Stay Motivated While Learning To Code

Last Updated | Mar, 10, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
Creativity flows with motivation and without it, everything is an uphill battle, in this article, we are going to explore the day to day hacks to remain motivated while you are learning to code. Read More...

Big O Notation Explained

Last Updated | Jan, 19, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
We measure the quality of code we write by making sure we choose the right step by step actions ( algorithm ) to solve the problem, we know it is the right algorithm because of how long it takes to execute ( time complexity ) when given larger input. Big-O notations are used to represent time complexity, we are going explore 7 of these notations. Read More...

Types of Methods In Python

Last Updated | Jan, 13, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
There are three types of methods in Python: instance methods, static methods and class methods. Once you get to the level of learning OOP, knowing the differences between these methods can make a lot of difference, in this post we are going to explore their differences. Read More...

Inheritance In Python

Last Updated | Jan, 13, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
Inheritance is a powerful feature in object-oriented programming, in this post we will learn how to use inheritance in Python, we will also learn about single and multiple inheritance as well as method resolution order (MRO). Read More...

Classes and Objects In Python

Last Updated | Jan, 13, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
Python is an object-oriented programming language ( OOP ), which means that we are constantly manipulating objects, in this post we are going to learn how to create a class in Python and then use that class as a blueprint to create instances also known as objects. Read More...

Python Functions

Last Updated | Jan, 05, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
In this article, you will learn all about functions, what a function is and the syntax of a function, we will also look at function arguments and all the different types in Python, we will learn about the recursive functions with an example. This is a perfect article for a beginner to Python. Read More...
python conditional statement

Python Conditional Statement

Last Updated | Jan, 06, 2021 By Kingsley Ijomah
Typically when you write code it is executed in sequential order, but in the real world this is not always going to be what we want to do, it might be the case that you want a particular action to occur only when something particular happens. This is precisely when the conditional statement comes to our aid. Read More...


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